This course is an international finance course with a focus on exchange rate economics and theory. The lecture includes examination of exchange rate policies within international setting where prices, financial markets in the open economy and open macroeconomics are studied. The course also explores determination of exchange rates under fixed, floating and sticky prices and effects of currency substitution on exchange rates.

The course mainly aims at improving the skills of students on financial, accounting and statistical data analysiss through statistical packages and data base management on further advanced levels though MS Excel and SPSSS
On successful completion of this course, all students will have developed knowledge and understanding of:
-          The Use of MS EXCEL
-          The Use of SPSS
On successful completion of this course, all students will have developed their skills in:
-          Economic and Financial Applications in MS EXCEL
-          Database Management
-          Questionnaire data preparation and analysis in SPSS

This course describes an introductory course on analyzing financial statements. It introduces the students to topics such as the major issues on making analysis of financial statements, balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statements, making trend and ratio analysis, by identifying liquidity and profitability of the companies.