This course aims to introduce the students to the discipline of political science. It focuses on the major issues of political science including the scope and definition of politics and political activity, approaches to politics, political regimes, political ideologies, democracy, the state, party systems, political executive, legislature and constitution.

The course is built on a number of controversial issues in the field of contemporary global politics. Students are expected to read and think about these controversial issues and they are encouraged to put forward their own points of view in an atmosphere of discussion and debate in the class.

This course aims to familiarize the students with the major dynamics in contemporary Cyprus through elaborating the socio-political factors which have influenced the contemporary politics of Cyprus since the independence in 1960. The course attempts to address the history of multiculturalism, colonialism and  the emergence of conflicting nationalisms and focus on the internal and external dynamics affecting the Cypriot politics including the Cold War, Greek-Turkish demands on Cyprus, inter- and  intra-communal divisions and the major attempts towards resolving the Cyprus dispute

This course includes comprehensive coverage of the planning, organising, leading and controlling functions that are required for effective management in organisations today. Issues in decision making, motivation, diversity and entrepreneurship will be discussed extensively.