CATALOGUE DESCRIPTION This module refers to the application of economic theory, the tools of analysis of decision sciences to examine how a firm can make optimal managerial decision in the face of the constraints it faces.

AIMS & OBJECTIVES The aim of this module is to introduce students to the main principles of managerial economics and their practice. More specifically, managerial economics uses the tools and techniques of economic analysis to analyze and solve managerial problems.

Course Objective: The course is aimed at providing the graduate students with an understanding of marketing research. The course objective is to teach “information gathering activity” that is intended to guide strategic or operational marketing decisions about target markets, competitive strategies, product, price, place (distribution) or promotion. Another objective of this course is to discuss the nature and scope of marketing research and explain its role in decision support systems. The students will understand the nature and scope of marketing research and its role in designing and implementing successful marketing programs.

In this course, you will learn how to “do” economics.  While your coursework up to this point has given you a strong foundation in economic theory, this course teaches you how to apply theory to meaningful economic research.  The course will be roughly divided into four sections: reading, researching, writing, and presenting. The course takes students through the process of economic inquiry, from identifying a research topic, reviewing the relevant literature, formulating hypotheses as well as finding and evaluating appropriate data.

Risk ve belirsizlik altında karar verme kriterleri ve uygulamalarını kapsamaktadır. Bu ders ayrıca temel olasılık kuramlarının işletme ve ekonomi problemlerine uygulamaları ve işletmelerde kullanılabilecek tahminleme modelleri ve uygulamalarını da içermektedir. Bu dersin ana amacı işletmelerde karşılaşılabilecek problemlerin analiz ve çözümünde kullanılabilecek temel sayısal yöntemleri, hem teorik hem de pratik uygulamalı örneklerle işleyerek işletme öğrencilerinin bugünün rekabetçi ve küresel iş ortamında ihtiyaç duydukları teknik becerileri geliştirmelerine katkı sağlamaktır.