Course Objectives:

The course intends to provide students with a broad overview of issues facing the managers in contemporary organisations. The students are expected to apply the theories, techniques, and roots that they will learn here for practical situations. As such, understanding the essence of the topics is a major goal of this class. Students are expected to engage in critical thinking as well as gaining good analysing skills and complete the experiential exercises as well as read the materials before attending class and participate in class discussions in order to increase their understanding of the material and how it applies. Furthermore, a research will be conducted by students as a group study and students will practice planning, implementing and analysing as well as reporting a research and data. (collect data and create information)

Course Discription:

This course includes comprehensive coverage of the planning, organising, leading and controlling functions that are required for effective management in organisations today. Issues in decision making, motivation, diversity and entrepreneurship will be discussed extensively.