This course aims to teach the recent techniques of credit analysis and the lending functions of commercial banks in detail. Lending is the primary business activity of commercial banks. It can be a profitable activity, but there are transaction costs to making loans and default risk is often high. This course will analyze various credit types of commercial banks and the structure of credit risk. It also examines how a bank should be organized to manage the risk of credit operations to minimize losses. Specifically, the course will teach how to assess loan applications, create loan agreements, and monitor loan performance, and price and rate loans.

Asset and liability management (ALM) is an analytical tool which is used by financial institutions to analyze their overall portfolios of assets and liabilities as an integrated whole. ALM techniques help banks to assess their overall risk exposure with a given asset and liability portfolio structure. This course aims to help students’ understanding of ALM techniques, particularly the ones that are used for hedging against interest rate risk