This course provides an understanding of Human Resource Management in an international context including economic, legal, political, and social aspects.  The course covers the history and context of International Human Resource Management (IHRM), strategic and functional aspects of IHRM, comparison with domestic HRM, issues and challenges, approaches, solutions, and practical implementations.  Balancing local sensitivity with global concerns, specific topics include globalization; host, home, and third country nationals impact; cross cultural issues; political and social concerns; recruitment, training & development; compensation & benefits; communication and knowledge management; managing change; expatriation/repatriation; legal, work, and labour requirements. This course aims to provide students with the necessary background, awareness and understanding to address global human resources issues. 

International Business #2

The course provides a basis for understanding entrepreneurship as well as the fundamental principles of preparing a successful business plan: integrating both theory and practice.  With a focus on each student developing a unique business plan, the course will introduce relevant concepts and encourage discussion of ideas and challenges.  Topics will include strategic planning, establishing and running a small business, financial planning and management, marketing and promotion, growth and franchising, people management, and funding.  Course will include lecture, case studies, interactive discussion, small group work and presentations.  Student Groups will be expected to submit and present a unique business plan by the end of the term.


This course includes comprehensive coverage of the planning, organising, leading and controlling functions that are required for effective management in organisations today. Issues in decision making, motivation, diversity and innovation will be discussed extensively.


Whether the student is a business, engineering, MIS or science major, everyone needs to understand the fundamentals of management.  Management is a critical skill required of everyone. The objective of this elective second year course in the principles of management is introduce the student to the foundational skills of management while providing them with practical application skills. While traditionally organised around the management principles planning, organising, leading and controlling, the focus is on the application of learning. Students are guided to learn management concepts and on developing the skills needed to apply them.